unexpected color. blink and it's gone.

10 thoughts on “26feb2012

  1. Em, Megan needs at least 1/40-1/60 second on her camera to avoid camera shake blur. Most wave motion won’t show up at those shutter speeds in a small web sized image.

    Meg, horizon is crooked :P

  2. lukas, my friend was just explaining that rule of thumb about not going lower than your lens size in shutter speed (are my terms right?). and like megan, i often get too caught up in all the other aspects of my shot to check my horizon- thanks for the reminders!

    1. The rule is: Shutter speed = 1/(crop factor * focal length) … The crop factor on the XTi is 1.6x so if you had a focal length of 100mm your minimum shutter speed to avoid camera shake is 1/160 second. That assumes you have no image stabilization and you’re using good camera holding technique. Megan has no viewfinder so it’s more difficult to hold the camera still. That’s why I suggest she use a slightly faster shutter speed most of the time. Also, make sure you understand the difference between camera motion and subject motion.

    1. Haha, whoops! It’s a bit difficult to explain without a diagram, but the basic idea is consumer grade DSLRs have smaller sensors which creates a “cropping” effect. All you really need to know is on your XTi whatever focal length you read off the lens is being increased by a factor of 1.6 in the viewfinder. So if you see 50mm, your effective focal length is 80mm so a shutter speed of 1/80 sec is your minimum. You can just ball park it though if the math is a pain. Just know that if you’re at 50mm and your shutter speed is 1/20 you’ll likely need to adjust your settings or use something to stabilize the camera to avoid a blurry photo.

      If you’re not bored yet, here’s a link that explains it a bit. Certainly not the most important aspect of photography, but worth knowing I think.


      1. thanks Lukas! this does help a bit. i subscribe to the digital photography school, but haven’t been reading it. i think it’s time for me to start reading it again. i’m also taking pictures in AV mode for a while to notice what the camera is picking for me in shutter speed. i was doing M mode, but not paying much attention to my shutter speed numbers. i appreciate your helpl!

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