And then I missed a day.  I felt that familiar pang of regret when I noticed the time {after midnight} yesterday and realized I hadn’t gotten a picture that day.  Momentarily, I thought about fudging it and snapping a quick picture.  But then I remembered that this time, I’m giving myself the opportunity to find my creativity again and not worry about ‘one picture every day’.  And so, I cut myself some slack.




Finding my routine again is awesome.  With extra time in the morning, I mix the ingredients together in the big yellow bowl.  The bowl that was the popcorn bowl in my mom’s family when she was growing up.  I tuck the dough in with the red dish towel and leave it to rise for the day.  At night, in go raisins and when it’s ready the candles are lit, prayers are said, and the warm challa eaten.  I close my eyes, thankful for the day and the week and my life right now.  I open my eyes, Shabbat Shalom!




Like so many people, it seems, I’ve fallen for Serial.  With 5 minutes before I needed to run out the door to catch the bus I remembered it was Thursday.  Quickly, I connected the iPod and it synced.  I thought about saving the next installment for the ride home, but couldn’t do it.

Today transportation was nearly impossible.  A muni train that couldn’t move forward.  BART trains packed to the gills.  Being held at Plaza only to have the train pull out of the station a minute after finally connecting with Lukas to get a ride home.  We picked up burritos!  It was that kind of night.





I walked all the way to work today in the rain.  Thankful for boots and rain pants and a rain coat too.  It was raining up home too today.  When I chatted with Mom over gchat she was considering taking a nap with the dogs.  Rainy day stuff.  Just two minutes late out the door in the evening added at least 20 minutes to the commute home.  Breakfast for dinner was the easy, tasty way to make up for the lost time.




Today the conference call had me getting in late to the office and riding the shuttle instead of walking the 2 miles.  Though I like that walk, it might not be good for my leg/hip/etc. to do it every day.  We ended the day with the heater on and eggnogs in hand.  On the first I went in search of Bud’s – only the best!  There was none to be found.  Though just a week later, Safeway is stocking rows and rows of the good stuff.  They know it’s the best too.




It is so easy to plop down with the laptop, endlessly checking Facebook.  I’m not sure why I do it since the updates there are minimal and hardly interesting.  It doesn’t relax me like reading does.  No one is saying I couldn’t be using that time to read.  So, I do when I remember.  And that makes me so much happier.  Already I spend too much of the day staring at a glowing screen.




I managed to get the grocery shopping done – though not until after the 49er’s game and was stuck at TJ’s in the post-game crush.  Otherwise, it was quite a lazy day.  Really a lazy weekend.  In the back of my mind I know there’s a door that needs to have the paint stripped off it.  But I can pull myself away from the lazy relaxing.




Building a new tradition is fun – the weekend breakfast.  Today, instead of driving the couple blocks to the donut shop for the croissant I walked.  The morning sun was so bright that even before I stepped outside I had to turn back around and grab my sunglasses.  This stretch of the greenway was called the Dinosaur Forrest.  I’m not quite sure why, but the trees here did look funky and a bit prehistoric.




The rain woke me up this morning before the alarm went off.  In that half asleep state, the dripping in the metal downspout sounded like the cat getting ready to vomit.  Not the prettiest picture to have in mind first thing in the morning.  By the time I left for work there wasn’t even a drizzle.  Standing under the big tree at the bus stop a few engorged drops fell from the leaves to run down my glasses.




Once a month, I am struck with how much I’ve come to love book club.  Tonight we got together for tasty margaritas, tastier veggie enchiladas, and great company.  We talked about the book and life and just about everything in-between.  There’s something quite special about this group of woman that span several different decades.  And even when we just meet once a month, we’re falling into wonderful and comfortable patterns.  When is a book club not quite a book club?  When it’s something much more than that.

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For too long now, we’ve been meaning to hit up the bowling alley.  Due to league night, the wait was long but once they started filling lanes it was our turn quickly.  It might have been a mistake to choose the Disco theme for the automatic scoring.  The dancers were a bit more provocative then we thought was acceptable.  It was determined that everyone could use some bowling practice.



Every day, in the evening I look forward to my shower.  Water, steamy hot.  Clean, warm, and refreshed.  The other day on BART a boisterous rider was bemoaning the smelly people.  And yes, there are some ripe smelling people on BART but this guy’s thesis was that the root cause of the smell was not that some people might not have access to a daily shower.  Instead, he posited the reason was people who take their shower at night instead of in the morning.  Sorry dude, but I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.



First I stood with my legs apart and after numerous tries Lukas flew the quadcopter through my legs.  We upped the ante and I held my arms out to the side forming a big O for him to fly through.  The copter deflected off my arm and ran right into my forehead.

We had lunch with Betty at Barney’s and toured an open house down the street.  From the outside, aside from the barn-like second story addition, we thought the house had our same floor plan.  Inside, maybe it did at some point but now it was very different from ours.





And then a week went by.  We met with the insurance agent to talk about life insurance.  Turns out he wanted updates on the Giants game just as much as Lukas did.  There was overtime on Saturday.

This morning we had crepes.  They’ve become our stand-by, quick and easy hot breakfast.  The blueberries, purchased in bulk when they were on sale this summer and frozen, were already all used up.  Next year, I’ll need to remember to buy even more.




We hiked to Parker Lake in the dark and it was easier than the day before in full sun and dry air.  Though the thin, cold air this morning didn’t feel so great on the lungs either.  It got light first as we sat waiting at the lake’s edge.  I scattered a herd of deer.  Later, a large coyote came to drink where the deer had been.  Maybe it was thinking the ducks floating nearby would make a good breakfast.  And, though they were well reviewed we steered clear of the duck burritos (and the sea food) and ate at Grumpy’s for a second time.  We were left wishing for vegetables.



Between the last “daily” picture and today, I missed shots of our day spent hanging with babies.  First was breakfast on the water with Josiah (and the parents too).  Dinner was with baby Matilda and our good friends.  Remember to pull out the camera, Megan!

Today, we took the ‘rig’ and headed with Samantha out to the Eastern Sierras to catch the fall colors.  This year, maybe for some spots, we were a little early.  But we were there.